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    Error trying to fetch events by data range

      Hello All,

      I am trying to fetch calendar events using the Java API's, I am executing the following code:

      lAgendas[0] = this.gCalSession.getHandle(Api.CAPI_FLAG_NONE, pUsersAgenda );
      catch( Api.StatusException e2 )
      this.gLog.error("Trying to get a handle for "+pUsersAgenda);
      this.gLog.error("Check for existance of "+pUsersAgenda+" Calendar");

      this.gICal = this.gCalSession.fetchEventsByRange(Api.CSDK_FLAG_STREAM_NOT_MIME,
      lAgendas, // search agenda of current user
      lProperties, // request all properties

      The code is able to get the handle to the agenda however as soon as I execute the fetchEventsByRange I get the following error:

      DATE = Fri Mar 24 15:15:36.204 2006
      PID = 3152; TID = 2596
      ERROR CODE -> 0x1B304
      Mapped ERRCODE 0x0001b304 to CAPIStatus '128 5 0 0 0' (CAPI_STAT_LIBRARY)

      This same code works for fetching other users calendar evnets.

      Can anyone tell me what is going on. the values of the variables in the fetchEventsByRange are as follows:
      pStartDate ="20060301T000000Z"
      pProperties[0]="" //fetch all properties

      All other variables are collected from the Calendar API.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated
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          The error reported is a internal error when trying to map server attributes to icalendar properties. There must be some event in your range that is causing problems to the library.

          Note that a few bugs mentioned above have been fixed for the 10G calendar sdk release. Which version are you using? Which version of the sdk?

          If you could either update your sdk version and try it again or enable full sdk logging and track down which event is causing that problem, then give us the attributes from that event, this would greatly enhance our ability to troubleshoot this problem.