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    How to update a rejected PO and send it again for approval?


      Hi All


      I am using PDOI to create Standard POs.  I am getting these POs from a third party. For any reason if the PO is rejected in Oracle, do I have any way to update the PO from backend and resubmit it for approval.




      If the PO is a project related PO and PO amount is more than the remaining budget in the project. then oracle PO Approval workflow rejects the PO. In this case if I want to update the PO with lesser quantity (assuming a single line PO) and then resubmit it for approval again then how do I do it?


      I searched and found that:

      1. PDOI can not be used to update the Standard PO.

      2. po_change_api1_s.update_po can not be used to update the PO line qty if PO is rejected.


      Is there any other API to update a REJECTED PO?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.