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    Custom TOP


      Hi All,


      EBS R12.2


      Is custom apps get lost when you upgrade apps to higher version?

      I mean you have to redo it again?



      Thanks a lot,


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          Developing and Deploying Customizations in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 (Doc ID 1577661.1)

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            Thanks for the very informative document.

            But all I see there is patch..patch...patch..and I do not see if custom_top can be lost to upgradation.

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              Please go thru the below thread.


              Custom Tops after upgrade

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                Thanks PK


                The process seem so bloody


                It suggests that it is easier to recreate it on the target upgraded instance? right?


                How about the adsplice thing on R12.2?



                Thanks again.

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                  Register Your Application

                  You must register your application name, application short name, application basepath, and application description with Oracle Application Object Library. Oracle Application Object Library uses this information to identify application objects such as  responsibilities and forms as belonging to your application.


                  This identification with your custom application allows Oracle E-Business Suite to  preserve your application objects and customizations during upgrades.....



                  You shouldn't lose your customization !

                  Developer guide has a dedicated chapter for customization upgrade consideration, Preparation of Customizations in a Release 12.2 Upgrade

                  How to move Custom tops from Oracle 11i Apps to R12 Apps


                  You will definitely have to find time to read all these docs




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                    Thanks Yoonas for the links


                    By the way, I have two(2) bosses. One is positive at Custom_Top while the other negates it.


                    The one who negates Custom_Top does not like the concept of it.

                    She said that Oracle Apps is highly customizable such that when you do the setup, it is always possible to define or cover everything inside the setup so that you need not create a Custom_Top.


                    In your analysis is she right? That you can run the apps without doing customs?


                    Thanks again.

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                      Hi Jenna,


                      Very interesting topic and highly debatable one too ... Am sure many integrators and implementers have faced this situation.


                      And unfortunately, I would say "it depends" .

                      You could adopt a policy whereby you decide to stick to seeded and standard functionalities and find all possible ways and means to "configure" your application to meet at best your client's requirements. If there are any slight deviations from the client's requirement (workarounds typically), it would be up to you to convince on the cost/benefit of going into "customization" - tough but challenging task for the Project manager. However, you might get clients who are NO-NO to any deviation from their requirement and are ready to bear the cost and risk, in which situation, you might consider customizing and avoid ending up with an unhappy client or even losing one...


                      Hope this adds to the debate and reflexion...




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                        Very well said Rajen,


                        But I am surprised this boss what able to close deals or implement projects without doing custom tops.

                        I just can not believe it though As I am newly hired here. I Need to observe for the next implem.



                        Thanks again.

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                          Apps can run without customization, Customization is not requirement for application to run.


                          If your business requirements are not met by oracle provided features you can utilize different level of customization(personalization,customization by extension,modification) to satisfy all your business needs.

                          Customization is an added advantage so that you can do your own extension or customization to meet specific needs which are not there out of the box.


                          I am sure you are with the one who negates because , no customization means simpler upgrade

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                            Yeah of course, I hates lots of customization. I do not even know what is the purpose of it   I wish they could be just addressed by the apps.

                            Since I do not analyze the users requirements. I sometime pity the functional people talking much to the users.

                            They also do lots of users training . For me I get sore-throat when I talk for 20 minutes, and I can not speak english very long.

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                              Yeah of course, I hates lots of customization. I do not even know what is the purpose of it   I wish they could be just addressed by the apps.

                              I love lots of customisations, which means more work/oppurtunity for consultants

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                                Being from a techie background myself, there is a huge community out there who is "surviving" thanks to customizations ...


                                ... I wish they could be just addressed by the apps.

                                Only if Oracle could follow the pace at which users or business change their requirements (which is perfectly normal in today's world ...)

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                                  Thank you all,


                                  Of course, I want to learn how to customize so that I would like the job as well

                                  Can you give me link or blogs that show case study when to start or when does customization needed or required?

                                  I understand you need it when the apps can not fulfill what is needed by the client.

                                  Can you give me sample scenario in which the apps can not satisfy what the  client's requirement?


                                  Then what are the steps needed to be done?

                                  Does It need to develop new  forms using Oracle Forms 11g?

                                  Does It need to develop new reports using Oracle Reports 11g?

                                  Does It you need to create concurrent programs?

                                  I knew you need to create schema, tables, views

                                  I knew you need to create custom top


                                  What I mean is how to tackle the design of customization.


                                  Thanks a lot.

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                                    First of all, over 90% of customizations used by organizations can be replaced by built-in application in Oracle EBS to address all or most of the functionality.

                                    People prefer the customizations mainly for cost reasons.

                                    A single product may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in licensing costs only whereas doing a simple customization that fulfills the requirements may cost a few thousand dollars and may go up to 10k, 20k or 30k of dollars.


                                    You should either posses some functional knowledge or work closely with the functional people to determine what kind of customization you need to develop.

                                    Of course you must have good development background to work in these areas!




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