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    patching strategy


      Hi All,


      We are currently using EBS R12.1.


      We are also try to devise a new patching strategy with detail on how often we should be patching updates. I came across a very useful article here: https://blogs.oracle.com/stevenChan/entry/general_patching_strategies_for_e which got me thinking about frequency etc.


      My reason for asking is I would like the benefit of other ebs users knowledge out there as to what is best practice to frequency of applying patches actually is in reality (esp the CPU ones - Would every quarter without fail be the prefered approach for example or are there users out there who find it acceptable to deploy these patches every 6 months and miss a quarter and then apply 2 quarters at the same time?


      I would prefer to do this every quarter as a rule of thumb but keen to get others input as to how often they realistically carry this out. Any advice is much appreciated.