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    rpd modelling




      I had a question regarding rpd modelling .

      I had two Facts F1,F2 and Dimensions D1,D2,D3

      F1 Joined to D1,D2,D3

      F2 Joined to D1.


      So I made joins according to that in Physical and Logical Layers and I kept F2 at Total level for D2,D3.


      So far it is working fine with measures and dimesions(F1,F2,D1,D2,D3). But My problem is I have an attribute in F1. As soon as I brought that F1 attribute with F1 ,F2,D1,D2,D3..THE F2 measure is becoming null.


      I know one solution I can make alias of F1 and make self join with F1 and bring that attribute...But that will create extra join which I don't want that...Is there any alternative solution ?




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          Gianni Ceresa

          First you are not supposed to have an attribute in F1!

          Why? Because you had to set content level on F1 to be able to have F1 values when using D2 and D3 (not the conformed dimension D1).

          So don't you think you would need to do the same for the attribute of F1 related to F2?

          The conclusion is the one you got: F1 must not have any attribute as it's a fact table, get it out in a dimension and set content level.


          create extra join which I don't want

          You don't have to pay for every single join, so there is no reason to "don't want" a join as that's the way the tool works.