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    Internal requisition sourcing from multiple inventory orgs based on stock situation




      I think I am clear about how Oracle can source an internally ordered item externally (from Supplier) if there is no on-hand quantity available at the internal source (based on the profile option POR: Auto-source internally stocked items with no availability). However, I would like to know if sourcing rules can be used to automatically select a different source inventory org if the primary source inventory org has zero quantities.


      For example, consider that 'Item1' has a sourcing rule (valid in the requeting org) that says


      - Transfer from M1 - rank 1

      - Transfer from M2 - rank 2


      Will iProcurement source the item from M2 if and only if there is no stock at M1?  This is the desired behaviour, but not sure if it works that way.


      I would like to know about this with respect to 11.5.10 as well as R12.2


      Thanks & regards