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    Designing dimension with equivalent attributes




      As I am creating some dimensions in BI admin tool I was looking for some similar examples to mine, however I could not find so let me ask here.

      I have to create dimension let's say "Customer". It should has following attributes: Name, First name, Last name, Title, Age, Gender, Phone, Address.

      But in my business model there no hierarchy, all these attributes are equivalent.

      So what should be the proper way to design it?

      I have two ideas:

      1. To create equivalent logical levels and add attribute for each like here: snaggy - paste images!   (Data on the screen is random).

      The problem is that I got message error: "multiple leaf levels which are not identical". So I guess that's not a proper solution, right?

      2. Second idea is to create one logical level "Total" and put there all attributes, like here: snaggy - paste images!

      What do you think? Is that correct way?