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    Concurrent program Date Parameter restriction at Responsibility level




      Could you give me a solution for below:


      I have 5 responsibilities, each responsibility is accessed by group of users.

      All users will not have access to all responsibilities.


      When even user submits one particular concurrent program, it has date from & to parameter.

      If user is running from responsibility Resp_1, then if she enters Date_from value prior to

      last 30 days, it should throw error message and simillarly to other responsibilites.


      Resp_1  Date_from:last_30_days Date_to: SYSDATE

      Resp_2  Date_from:last_60_days Date_to: SYSDATE

      Resp_3  Date_from:last_90_days Date_to: SYSDATE

      Resp_4  Date_from:last_120_days Date_to: SYSDATE

      Resp_5  Date_from:last_180_days Date_to: SYSDATE