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    Automatic creation of Standard POs from requisitions

    Prashanth Anantharaman


                We are in the process of POC for a Back-to-back Order Process. The required item setups are done to enable the B2B Process. When the SO is booked, the lines get interfaced to PO.

      So far so good...


      We have done the below listed Setups in the Purchasing to enable automatic creation of a Standard PO from the requisitions


      1. Assign the Inventory Category Set for all items, and a Value of Dummy

      2. Create a Quotation for the Supplier, Site with the Line item set up as Category (Value -> Dummy)

      3. Create an ASL with the Supplier, site (Same as in Step 2) and Type as Commodity, Value > Dummy and assign the Quotation ( from Step 2), in the Supplier attributes of ASL Setup.

      4. Setup Sourcing rules, Assign the Sourcing rule to the Assignment Set that's setup on the profile MRP:Default Sourcing Assignment Set

      5. Set the below listed attributes from CREATEPO workflow to a Y

           1 Is Automatic Creation Allowed?                 Y

           2 Should Workflow Create The Release?      Y

           3 Is Automatic Approval Allowed?                Y


      Now, when the req import job is run....The requisition is created with Supplier and Site but No Source documents is populated on to the requisition, so a corresponding Standard PO isn't created.


      I would think we had setup all of the required setups for to create a Standard PO automatically from a approved requisition (when req import runs), but it appears the process stops at requisition for the want of quotation details on to the requisition.


      Not sure what's we are missing?


      We are on R12.1.3


      PS: As a workaround, we added Individual items on to the Items (V/s Commodity) and the Standard PO is created, worked like a charm!


      Any inputs is greatly appreciated!




      Prashanth Anantharaman