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    Debugging a custom Bridge adapter

      Does anyone know how I can debug (i.e. step through in JDeveloper) a custom adapter?
      I have a custom Bridge adapter that connects to InterConnect and subscribes to messages. The Agent adapter passes the messages to the Bridge (my code).
      The Bridge isn't behaving the way I want and I need to debug it.
      Does anyone know how to debug the Bridge?
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          Of course you can debug custom adapter in Jdeveloper.

          All you need is:
          1) add "oai.jar" to your project libraries (if your full path to it is very long, JDeveloper can not see it - there is a bug, so you can simply place a copy of oai.jar near the root of your drive to make pathh to it shorter)
          2) Paths -> Additional Classpath - take it from parameter service_classpath in adapter.ini
          3) Runner -> Run Directory - directory where your adapter is located (where adapter.ini)
          4) Runner -> Default Run Target - oai.jar\oracle\oai\agent\service\AgentService.class

          P.S. you can additionally add adapter.ini in your project and edit it right here!