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    lov (List of Values) on analysis filter option in OBIEE


      Dear OBIEE users,

      Kindly help me.

      Our users of analysis, while applying filter, usually click



      which hits at our 5 Bn row fact to collect distinct values and hence blocks the network bandwidth.

      So could you please provide me any suggestion on performance improvement?

      I have options

      1. I can Remove the option.(-------------------Not a good idea to hide feature)

      Please guide me how/where to do it?

      2. I can Provide some LOV views/tables (to be cached) to get distinct values which will be added as separate dim table(1 col) being joined with fact on same col and finally expose the LOV table column instead of Fact column. (-------------------Not a good idea as again we need to hit the fact even not used and Most importantly it'll need a JOIN which is obviously unnecessary evil for whole system.)


      3. Just like prompts, If default value option is available, Please tell me

      4. Suggest me better way if Oracle ha provided/ You have ever used.





      Dilip Kumar Mohapatro