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    Rsum() plus addition is not working in OBIEE


      Hi All -


      I have a small report with a table.

      Column A has Product, Column B has Month, Column C has Defects and Column D has (Defects + sum(distinct Brand Total)

      We are doing Rsum(Column c) i.e., Defects and it is populating fine for all the months.  If we are having nulls in any months the top months value is repeating which is correct in case of Rsum().

      But for column d (Defects + Sum(distinct Brand Total), the rsum() is printing to the only values there is no data and it is not repeating for the blank values.

      Because of addition in the Rsum() is it not working?

      Can you please help?



      Defect Count+Brand Total (rsum(defectnumber + sum(distinct BrandTotal)

      Brand Total will be distinct to all months for a product

      ABCAPR1112 (rsum(defect number) = 11 + Sum(distinct Brand Total) = 1)
      ABCMAY1213 (rsum(defect number) = 12 + Sum(distinct Brand Total) = 1)
      ABCJUN1415 (rsum(defect number) = 14 + Sum(distinct Brand Total) = 1)
      ABCJUL101102( (rsum(defect number) = 101 + Sum(distinct Brand Total) = 1)
      ABCAUG101I need to repeat the 101 upto December month for Product ABC