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    Eloqua Bulk API Complex Filter Question


      Hi ,


      I am having a bit of an issue with the ELOQUA BULK API.

      This issue is specifically to do with filters.
      I have the below filter a combination of the Date Modified & Date created fields.


      "filter":"(('{{Contact.Field(C_DateCreated)}}' >= '2015-07-09' AND '{{Contact.Field(C_DateCreated)}}' < '2015-07-10') OR ('{{Contact.Field(C_DateModified)}}' >= '2015-07-09' AND '{{Contact.Field(C_DateModified)}}' < '2015-07-10'))"


      This seems to return some correct results but a lot of incorrect results -

      Below is an example result with the email address removed.



            "EmailAddress": ,

            "DateCreated": "2015-07-13 03:21:07",

            "DateModified": "2015-07-15 04:30:18"



      As you can see it doesn't satisfy the criteria I am trying to use. (On the 9th July 2015).




      When I use the filter seperately it seems to work perfectly. E.G.


      "filter":"('{{Contact.Field(C_DateModified)}}' >= '2015-07-09' AND '{{Contact.Field(C_DateModified)}}' < '2015-07-10')"

      The above returns only results with a DateModifed of the 9th of July 2015.

      Is my filter constructed wrong?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.