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    How to set up for Auto PO?


      Background and scenario.

      I work in the IT VAR industry in the Procurement Department. There are few parts that we buy regularly every week in large quantitates. all of these orders gets shipped directly to the client from our distribution partners once we place the PO. Details:

      • we have a Manufacture part number: 13400
      • we know where we buy this from: Cable champ
      • we send PO thru EDI
      • we know who the customer is ( this info flows from the sales order)
      • we know the Price $2.99 each


      Now  is it possible for the system to cut the PO automatically once the sales rep puts in the order for that part and for that customer. Since the part and price are already in the system, the PO should be cut with out manual intervention and sent to our distribution partner. How to accomplish this . is this something that i can test with a appropriate rights?