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    VMWare licensing, not just host but entire cluster.


      According to a few articles I've found searching on this, despite what a sales or licensing rep might say, you/we are not contractually obligated or bound to license (or count the processors in) an entire cluster when Oracle is only installed on one host in the cluster. Discussions with Oracle however they are saying with vmware 5.1 & higher all processors/cores in the entire cluster must be included whether being used or not, because we have the ability to Vmotion between Vcenters - even if we're not licensed to do so with VMWare.


      We're using the NUP model because it works best for us, but from Oracle is telling us having to count all processors in the entire cluster it's going to increase our NUP count to 3 or 4 times the amount of users we actually have.


      This will leave us two options, #1 - go back to physical servers or #2 - port all database to MSSQL


      Since we want to visualize our server environment, and option #2 is quite doable, it is likely the path we'll take.


      Just wondering if anyone else here has had experience with similar situations, and what they did for solutions.