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    Can I change the order of the load selections  in the HFM Load Mode drop-down list?


      Hi Everybody,


      I'm currently on HFM Version and I have a question about the HFM Load Mode for data loading to HFM.  There are currently 4 selections in the drop down list and they are in the order of Merge, Replace by Security, Replace and Accumulate.  My users all have to select the Replace by Security load mode but the default selection at the top is Merge.  This created some problems when users forget to change the selection.


      Does anyone know whether this order of the drop down selection can be changed so that Replace by Security is the first selection in the drop down list instead?  Or better yet, it is the only option in the drop down list.  I am not usinig FDM.


      Would sincerely appreciate any thoughts on this.  Thanks heaps!!