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    issue in insert into table


      query 1:

      select name,value,decription

      from param

      where value in ('1','2','3','4')

      and name = 'details';




      details     1     parameters1

      details     2     parameters2

      details     3     parameters3

      details    4      parameters4

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          So, what is the issue?

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            select ext.param1,




            from data

            where id ='123';




            param1       param2     param3     param4
            data1          data2       data3        data4


            table 1 and table 2 does not have common key.

            i want to insert data into temp table with following values


            group      id       name                      curr_val     action

            details     1       parameters1            data1          changed

            details     2       parameters2             data2         changed

            details     3       parameters3            data3          changed



            pls help

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              Q: How does your question relation to Object-Relational Capabilities (the forum space you've posted in)?  Is it really just an SQL question?  If so I can move it for you.


              Your question doesn't make any sense.

              I assume when you say "table1" you mean the results of query 1 you first posted.

              But if there is no relationship (common key) between those results and table 2, then what is the logic that should put the data from table2 alongside table1?