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    Unable to Perform Return To Receving To Accept Transaction.WMSINB-23188:Lot/Serial validation failed.




      When i have process the PO Receipt For the Standard PO with Inspection Required.

      My Transaction was Receiving 2Qty -- accept 1Qty and Reject 1 qty -- Deliver 1 qty then return to receive 1 qty again accept the 1 qty.


      The ROI raise the WMSINB-23188:Lot/Serial validation failed.


      The error raise from inv_rcv_integration_pvt.validate_lot_serial_info

      IF (   l_transaction_type = 'DELIVER'

                         OR NVL (l_auto_transact_code, '@@@@') = 'DELIVER'



                        --raise error;

                        l_progress := 'WMSINB-23184';

                        RAISE fnd_api.g_exc_error;

          ELSIF (lot_entered_on_parent (l_parent_transaction_id))              (Here it returns true so that the error raise but


                        --raise error;

                        l_progress := 'WMSINB-23188';

                        RAISE fnd_api.g_exc_error;

                     END IF;\



      we are not insert records into this table.

      SELECT '1'

              INTO l_dummy

              FROM rcv_lots_supply

             WHERE transaction_id = p_parent_txn_id AND ROWNUM = 1;



      so kindly help me to resolve this error.