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    Highlighting value in Table Reports using html changes column width

    Raj Jamadagni

      I am using basic highlighting using raw html in SQL to highlight a column. However, I noticed that the width of column becomes very large compared to displayed value, perhaps it also has the whole html considered for length? Not sure if this is an issue with grid itself.


      e.g. this piece of code, see the difference in column width for status and status_1 columns ... ideally I'd like to see both columns be of the same size as status_1.


      select case when BP.STATUS = 'LOCKED' then '<html><body><strong><font color="blue">' || BP.STATUS || '</font></string></body></html>' 
      when bp.status = 'COMPLETED' then '<html><body><strong><font color="green">' || bp.status || '</font></string></body></html>'
      when BP.STATUS = 'PROCESSING' then '<html><body><strong><font color="orange">' || BP.STATUS || '</font></string></body></html>' end STATUS
      from (select 'COMPLETED' status from dual union all select 'PROCESSING' from dual union all  select 'LOCKED' from dual) bp ;


      SQL Developer 4.1.1