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    OBIEE 11g passing multiple values from a Graph Excluded Column

    Sameer Sawant

      Hi Everyone,


      Currently I am facing challenge to pass multiple values of a column which is in the excluded section of a graph to an another analysis report. I have a report having following columns

      Customer Id, Start Date,End Date, Subscribed Channel,Status , Count(Customer Id)


      Customer Id- Customer Number

      Subscribed Channel- Customer has subscribed to which notification channel (Email, Phone,etc..)

      Status- Active/Inactive (whether the subscribed channel is active or not

      Start Date/End Date- The time schedule of the Subscribed Status.


      The report is Horizontal Stacked graph where X-Axis is the Subscribed Channel, Vary by-Status, Measure-Count of Customer.(Count(Customer Id)). The Start Date,End Date ,Customer Id column are in the Excluded part of the graph


      Now I have a required when a user clicks on the Stacked portion of graph (Active or Inactive) for a Subscribed Channel, I want to pass the Customer IDs belonging to that part to an another report. I did tried with Portal Page and Go Url, and the report was getting invoked, but the Customer Id values were not getting passed.


      Kindly let me know if there is any way to achieve it.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Sameer Sawant