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    SQL Developer doesn't launch after specifying JDK location




      I have been browsing through the forum to fine the solution to my issue, however I haven't been able to fine one that would work for me. Essentially, I used SQL Developer on my old laptop with Windows 8.1 and never had any issues, but recently I upgraded to a new machine and I can't seem to get SQL Developer to run. When I click on sqldeveloper.exe and provide the location for JDK home, nothing happens later. I have followed the Orcale advice: If you cannot start SQL Developer, it could be due to an error in specifying or configuring the JDK. See Section 1.23, "Java Development Kit (JDK) Location" for more information.) and I have also run the following:



      Available features:

      cart: Database Cart Batch Tasks

      dba: Basic Batch DBA Tasks

      format: SQL Format Task

      migration: Database Migration Tasks

      reports: Basic Batch Reporting Tasks

      unittest: Unit Testing Batch Tasks


      If I understand it correctly, it means SQL Developer is responding and working, but for some reason it still doesn't launch. I would appreciate any help on this. I have upgraded to a x64 machine but I had no issue installing SQL Developer on a work machine, which is also a 64. I'm not sure if this is the Java not responding or maybe something else. I have tries older versions with and without Java development kits but as soon as I type in the JDK location, nothing happens.


      Any help is appreciated. Thanks