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    Help with Personalization Next Item Navigation

    Paulo Ventura

      hi, everyone!


      I used to have a situation that when this field (taxpayer type) were 3 or 4, the field bellow (category) wasn't enabled to insert data.


      Then I created a personalization to set category enabled when taxpayer type were 3 or 4.


      but now, when I change the number for the taxpayer type (doesn't matter if 3 or 4), and press TAB key, instead it focus on category type, it goes to the next block, requiring me to press SHIFT + TAB combo key to back to the previous field


      for example

      3 - Exempt

      4 - Not applied




      changed Taxpayer Type from 3 to 4 (didn't refreshed the text to "Not applied")



      after I pressed TAB key, then it jumped to the Currencies Block.


      by this, I created another personalization, using the Next Item Navigation thing.



      then it worked.

      Now, instead of jumping to the next block, I'm jumping to the next field.

      from Taxpayer Type to Category.

      Taxpayer Type = IR_VENDOR

      Category = IR_CATEG.




      note that the field was filled by 3 and I just erased and entered the number 4. didn't change the text yet.




      right after press TAB to go to category, it remained at Taxpayer Type, selected it value and refreshed the text.




      After the step above, pressed TAB key again and now it is in Category field.


      But now, when I press TAB after Category, instead of jumping to the next block which would be Currencies, it remains at the same field (Category).


      If you have any doubt, lemme now.


      Thanks in advance