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    OBIEE 11g Admin Tool - Count by in a model measure


      Hi all,


      Is it possible to simply do a "count by" within a calculation in the admin tool?


      For example I need to gather a count of lines by for each associated header record.  I would prefer this to be done in the model vs a single report as this will be required in multiple reports.  I'm a long time Cognos guy and I'm new to Oracle, but I feel like I'm missing something that should be pretty straightforward. 


      Example: count (detail.lines by header.id)


      I appreciate any suggestions that you the experts can provide!


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          Christian Berg

          Hi Matt,


          What you're looking for is - in the Answers front-end - the AGGREGATE AT function:



          As you can see as this function references hierarchy levels rather than just columns (OBI does things a bit more strict when it comes to models) this means that in the RPD you are looking at what we call "level-based measures": i.e. measures tied to a specific level of a dimensional hierarchy.



          These measures then aggregate at the defined level (hence also the name of the Answer function) at their lowest. They still aggregate higher according to normal rules but never break down lower: