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    Slipt Amount Column in multiple members from custom dimension


      Hi gurus good afternoon!


      It's my first time working with HFM ( and I'm using FDMEE ( to load data to the application.

      My source system is EBS 12 and my HFM dimensions to map are Account,Entity,ICP, Custom1,Custom2,Custom3,Custom4.


      My problem is to map Custom1 dimension members that represent the Balance Movements. At this moment I have all dimensions mapped but I don't know how to split the Amount value into two different members on Custom1 dimension (Additions/Decreases) .


      I would like to map:

      • PERIOD_NET_DR (from gl_balances)  ->  Additions (HFM member)
      • PERIOD_NET_CR (from gl_balances)  ->  Decreases (HFM member)


      I believe that this kind of mappings are very common in HFM/FDMEE applications. Can you give some guidelines on the way to go?


      Thank you very much for the help guys!

      Best Regards,

      Eduardo Almeida