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    How to provide value to the second parameter?

    Sreedevi -Oracle



      I have a concurrent program which has two parameters.

      1. Entity

      2. Period


      Entity can be single entity or ALL. If user runs for ALL then period parameter should take the latest reporting period value and gray out itself.

      And a hint/comment has to be displayed next to it saying "for current reporting period only".


      I created a dummy parameter between Entity and Period which returns 1 if Entity is not ALL.

      The Period parameter Value set references this 1 and then enables. If ALL then it returns NULL and period is disabled.

      In the period parameter setup, the default type is choosen as SQL statement and the query for fetching the latest period is added.

      But when the program is run for ALL, the parameter gets disabled and no value is fetched.


      Please suggest how to achieve the above requirement.