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    R12 login page got "error 404" after changing oacore_web_xml_FMW.tmp


      Dear all,


      I am trying to create a custom servlet in R12 but makes the login page not working.


      What I have done is

      1) Create com/test directory under $JAVA_TOP and put HelloTest.class in it

      2) Run "adcgnjar" and check my servlet is included in customall.jar

      3) Copy $FND_TOP/admin/template/oacore_web_xml_FMW.tmp to $FND_TOP/admin/template/custom/,  and then add following in it


      <!-- HelloTest Alias -->



      4) Restart oacore server

      5) Got "Error 404 page not found" when open the apps login link.

      I have to remove $FND_TOP/admin/template/custom/oacore_web_xml_FMW.tmp and restart oacore to resume normal.


      Is that any steps I am missing ?