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    apply button for seperate prompts


      For design reasons I need to have the prompt displayed in four columns with 4 fields in each. It there away to do this?


      Alternatively, I can make separate vertical prompts but need one apply button for the 4 seperate prompts, how do I do this?



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          Gianni Ceresa


          By using the "New Column" checkbox you create new columns for your prompts. So you can easily build a "table" (rows & columns) with your prompts by moving prompts up and down and checking that checkbox to create a new column.


          If you create 4 independent prompts you can't have just 1 single "Apply" button for the 4, you can "cheat" by using hidden apply button for the first 3 but it will be visible to the user that when he click on these prompts they are submitting the values every time a field lose focus.


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