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    SQL developer 4.1 "find db object"  unreliable


      find db object is a really nice feature.


      But I do not trust it yet.

      Tried to search for all objects containing a column "PERSONALE_KATEGORI_KODE"

      It didn't show me if there were any among materialized views - but uncertain if the listing of materialized view would indicate that there might be something here ??




      Then I tried several times more (selecting/deselecting tables/ views/materialzed views among object types) and suddenly it showed up in the materialized view ABS_JOB_STATISTIKBANK_VERSION




      Also there seem to be a limit of 500 objects shown - is it possible to raise that limit in the prefs somewhere?

      Finally it would be appreciated, if it was possible to get the results from "find db object" written to a file!


      regards Karsten