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    Briefing book content not updating in OBIEE11G


      Hi All,

      I have added briefing book(updatable content option) for one dashboard (prompt: date 30-06-2015 and Country is Singapore)

      Later we loaded Singapore  data for the date 31-07-2015, the dashboard page got updated with latest date and with default country selection. But briefing book was not updated and still shows the 30-06-2015 Singapore results.

      And also if we did any changes in that dashboard  report (column description/inclusion/exclusion) its not getting updated in briefing book. Is this a known bug in this version ?

      Please let me know if you have any idea. Thanks in advance



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          A Briefing book's content is fixed at the time the analysis is added to it.

          It is only the data that is updated in an updateable briefing book.

          It is not to update the briefing book based upon the last chosen value in a prompt.


          Updateable briefing books will get the latest data from the database.

          BUT it is still subject to both the Presentation Server Cache and the BI Server cache, so they might not see a query fired depending upon where they are looking and the state of the caches.