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    Segmentation fault error - F45gen command


      I have downloaded one .fmb from server (custom top) in binary mode. I have moved the same .fmb into server (to the same path from where I have downloaded )as it is without any changes, in binary mode. While I’m trying to generate fmx using f45gen command – I’m getting Segmentation fault error


      Can someone help on this?


      Steps and commands I have used 

      1. Envinornamental setup command executed
      2. f45gen module=XXXX.fmb userid=databaseusername/password@hostname   

      Versions – EBS version – 10.7

                        Form Version – 4.5

           Error I’m getting after executing the command

                   PL/SQL Version 

      Oracle Procedure Builder V1. - 

      Oracle Virtual Graphics System Version 

      Oracle Multimedia Version 

      Oracle Tools Integration Version 

      Oracle Tools Common Area Version

      Oracle CORE Version 

      Segmentation Fault