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    Unable to Open Oracle Java Window




      I am facing an issue where I am unable to open Oracle Java Window when I am connected through clients VPN. VPN gets connected successfully, but when I try to Login and Click any Java Form Link following happens:


      1- Firfox, New Tab Window opens up with JAVA Loading sign but nothing happens and Oracle Java form doesn't open

      2- IE: Nothing happens


      I have checked the host entries, trusted sites, compatibility settings all are fine.


      When I try to connect another client application through VPN it works perfectly fine and Java forms open up smoothly.


      I have tried switching browsers Java versions but still same issue. My other colleagues are using same client VPNs and they are not facing any issues. Can anyone please guide what could be this issue? thanks.


      Waiting for response.


      Kinds Regards,

      Syed Mustafa Arshad