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    OraOLEDB error '80040e4b' : Accessor is not a parameter accessor


      I'm seeing the following error, inconsistently, in my ASP application:

      OraOLEDB error '80040e4b'
      Accessor is not a parameter accessor

      The database is an Oracle 9i database - the web server has an Oracle 9i
      client installation on it. Not sure as to the MDAC version as my
      company firewall prevents me downloading the Component Checker. Is
      there another way to determine the version?

      If I refresh the page, the error will disappear and the page will load
      correctly. I've notice that, although it occurs on and off, it always
      occurs on the following line of code:

      start_date = rstProb("start_date")

      In context:

      Set cnnDB = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
      strConn = "Provider=OraOLEDB.Oracle;User
      ID=USER_SCHEMA;Password=password; Data Source=SOURCE"
      Set rstProb = SQLQuery(cnnDB, "SELECT * FROM PROBLEMS WHERE ID = 10)
      start_date = rstProb("start_date")

      You get the picture.

      The column PROBLEMS.START_DATE is of type DATE

      Any thoughts? I can't understand why this doesn't fail consistently,
      even though the data does not change...

      Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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