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    Reg: Custom formatting in SQL Developer 4.1

    ranit B

      Hi Experts,


      I'm trying to have a custom formatting. Did some tweaking in Tools > Preferences > Database > SQL Formatter but not able to get it exact as what I want.


      SELECT    t1.col1 ,

            t1.col2     ,

            t1.col3     ,

            t1.col4     ,

            t1.col5     ,

            t1.otp      ,

            t2.fid      ,


         FROM table_1 t1 ,

            table_2 t2   ,

            table_3 t3

         WHERE t1.rid = in_rid

         AND t1.col5  = t2.lid

         AND t1.col1  = t3.loid

         AND t1.atp NOT LIKE 'ABC%'



               SELECT    t4.*

                  FROM table_4 t4,

                     table_5 t5

                  WHERE t4.tid  = t5.tid

                  AND t5.active = 'Y'

                  AND t4.flag   = CC_FLAG

                  AND t4.anw   IS NULL


         ORDER BY t1.col3;


      1) I want to place the highlighted (red) join conditions in the next line after the WHERE clause. (Don't want to place it in line with WHERE)

      2) Can we have another level of indentation (1 or 2 more tab-spaces) for AND in the WHERE clause. (Don't want the AND and WHERE clauses to be on same vertical line)


      Is it feasible ?


      Thanks and Regards,