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    InterConnect Machine Specs?

    Elmar Matthee
      Hi All.

      Quite new to OIC, but its fallen to me to try and make sense of it all.

      We are running 9.0.4 on a Solaris machine. The problem is that the same machine also runs a few other oracle applications, and we are getting nervous as Interconnect has now come to the "may not fail at any time" stage in production. So now we want to move it over to its own dedicated machine/set of machines.

      I've been tasked to give machine requirements (CPU speed/number, RAM requirements/Disk space requirements etc), and the documentation gives me some insight here, but not everything that I need to deliver to management.

      We will run the hub and the adapters on the same machine (I've found that this just makes management much easier). The new machines will be Solaris machines (probably v240's).

      According to the docs the Hub needs 512MB Ram and 10GB disk space and the adapters need 512MB ram adn 5GB disk space. Now I'm just wondering if this is per adapter or for all adapters (Btw we use AQ and DB adapters)

      I also don't see any specifications for CPU requirements (speed/number of CPU's).

      Any ideas/insights would be most welcome.

      As an additional note, would it be possible to run 2 Solaris machines as a "cluster" i.e. that it looks to the Interconnect software as if it is running on 1 physical machine? We want to set up some way to ensure 100% availability. The data will all be sitting on our SAN anyways, so it would literally just be the Interconnect software that will be running on these machines.

      Kind Regards