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    Random Interconnect Questions/Assumptions

    Elmar Matthee
      Hi All.

      Just a few assorted Interconnect questions/assumptions that I hope you guys can help clarify for me: We are using 9.0.4 on a Solaris machine btw.

      1. Is there a better way to migrate messages than one by one with Istudio. I dont want to migrate entire adapters at a time, cause I've found that to be slightly unstable, and typing in the username/password/connect string for the publish and the subscribe portion of each message for migration to test and the production can be quite a mission if you are implementing 100+ messages at a time. :)

      2. Our adapters sometimes refuse to shut down when using the stop script. I then have to physically kill the process and delete the entry from the COMPONENTINFO table. This has a rather nasty ripple effect as we do backups every night, and have to shut everything down, and if the adapters don't die, then the backups dont run and I get some irate DBA's in my office in the morning. I can understand the DB adapters not shutting down if there is some kind of error in the pl/sql, but the AQ adapters seem to be running fine, they just don't wanna die.

      3. Is upgrading to the latest version (10.something) going to give us any significant added value, as I'm of the oppinion, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But we are in the process of moving the hub and adapters to a new machine, and I was wondering if while we were busy with this if we shouldn't do a migration to the latest version while we are at it.

      Any thoughts/suggestions/wild suppositions would be most welcome.

      Kind Regards
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          Answer to your questions

          2) we had that problem too, but since we moved to 10g it works normal, we can stop adapters normally. But besides moving to 10g we also changed from server, from AIX to Red HAT Linux ES.

          3) We migrated to 10g and our product is more stable, better performance, and BPEL-ready. But the best reason to migrate is to have a supported platform. The support of 9 is on end of lifecycle and that was the most important reason for us to migrate.