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    Oracle Golden Gate or Logical Standby


      Dear All,


      We are handling huge client ORACLE databases in Terabyte size. We observed that one of the users frequently performs reporting activities on live data which is causing

      severe load onto the server and impacting the Production Performance badly.


      We thought of building a Logical Standby to re-direct the user there. But we will end up with Infrastructure cost and time.

      Hence we thought of Implementing the Golden Gate for Schema level replication. Will this save the Disk space in the target machine?

      Assuming that the redo data (of that schema) will be synchronized from source to target time to time.


      Please suggest if our approach is correct. Our main concern is to reduce Disk space to certain extent in the target server.

      Please also provide the relevant note ids which helps us to understand the concept and propose the architecture.

      Let us know if this can also be achieved from 'Streams Replication (using database, schema-level or tables level data capture)'  OR Logical Standby

      Source is Oracle EBS 11i with database




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