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    PR: Failed Activity - Is Encumbrance On and Is Document Not Reserved?


      Many of our requisitions are failing at the above mentioned step with the error of:

      Wf_Engine_Util.Function_Call(PO_REQAPPROVAL_INIT1.ENCUMB_ON_DOC_UNRESERVED, REQAPPRV, 23362-279080, 291462, RUN)


      We do not have encumbrance enabled and if i simply "Retry" the step the workflow completes.  We are using AME for approvals.


      I did find the below document but it relates to 11i and we are runnign 12.2.2

      Requisition Approval Fails with 'Wf_engine_util.Function_call(Por_ame_approval_list_wf1s.Get_next_approver, Reqapprv, nnn-nnn)' Error (Doc ID 1340989.1)


      Any ideas?