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    Matching Hold Detail Report for Accrual Line Types


      First, let me say I have very little experience in Payables, but I've been tasked with providing a report for our auditors.  The issue they are trying to capture is:

      Show all invoices that have gone on a match hold and the details - quantities, prices - that caused the match hold.   I thought I hit the jackpot with the Matching Hold Detail Report, but found out that it only shows the PO detail for distribution lines marked as ITEM (R12 APXINMHD AP Matching Holds Detail Report Incomplete (Doc ID 1904904.1))


      I don't want to reinvent the wheel.  Has anyone found another way to report this type of data?  I created a custom version of the report and changed the ITEM criteria to ACCRUAL, but it still doesn't look right.