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    Oracle MSCA GUI on Vision instance Windows Server 2003




      Has somebody been successful in using the MSCA GUI on the Vision instance which is installed on the Windows Server 2003. Whenever i click on the mwactl.cmd file the black screen closes abruptly. I understand that it should open and shows as below .. which would mean the MSCA server has started.


      [applvis@oracle scripts]$ ./mwactl.sh start

                                    MWA Telnet Server Release: [December 12th 2002]

                                    MWA Telnet Server Release: [December 12th 2002]

                [applvis@linuxblade bin]$ Created server socket : listening on port 10201

                               server startup is successful.

      Please help me, i am clueless. Help me with the exact configuration steps for the MSCA GUI to work with the vision instance on windows server 2003.

      Thanks in Advance !!