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    BI Publisher - XML Parsing Error: mismatched tag. When Joining Columns With Data Type Double

    Tom Rowe



      I have the following Data Model in BI Publisher...


      This has two columns with a Double data type joined i.e. G_1.ID and G_2.USERID.


      When I View Data I immediately receive a Failed to load XML Error.

      In Microsoft IE the message 'Failed to load XML.' is displayed below Tree View | Table View in   Mozilla Firefox I get the same error with a more detailed message 'XML Parsing Error: mismatched tag. Expected: . Location: http://myobieeserver.com:9704/xmlpserver/servlet/xdo Line Number 2, Column 580'. In the Engine Log I see the following error...


      oracle.bi.jdbc.AnaUnsupportedException: unsupported function

      Supplemental Detail at oracle.bi.jdbc.AnaJdbcPreparedStatementImpl.setBigDecimal(AnaJdbcPreparedStatementImpl.java:396)


      If I join on a String data type column i.e. G_1.USERNAME to G_2. USERID_NAME everything works perfectly, so it appears to me that the problem is being caused by the column data type double.


      I found the following post which is virtually identical to what I am seeing.





      This also suggests that the problem is due to joining on the Number data type and a join using data type  VARCHAR works, but unfortunately this was never answered.


      I need to bring in another table to the above model which only has USER ID that I can perform the join on so I need to be able to join on column data type double, to obtain the results I need.


      I was wondering if anyone can shed some further light on this, i.e. Am I doing something wrong ?, Is this a known bug (can't find anything on this) ? or is joining on a Number data type not supported which the 'oracle.bi.jdbc.AnaUnsupportedException: unsupported function' error message would seem to suggest ?




      Tom Rowe.