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    SQL Developer on MAC OSx Yosemite 10.10.4 and on Windows 7. Different result.


      What reasons could there be for two executions of the same script in SQL Developer  from a MAC and from a Windows client  to produce different result? Mac yields null and windows hundreds of lines. Same version  Script contains joins. Same external Oracle DB holds the data.

      Could it be encoding in strings?




      select   jgzz_fiscal_code, party_name, pris, tlf    ,start_date ,listname    ,override_price


      (select distinct        

      qll.attribute1 asoc,          

      qll.operand pris     ,qlh.name listname    


      apps.QP_LIST_LINES qll, apps.QP_LIST_HEADERS qlh,           

      apps.mtl_system_items msi,           

      apps.qp_pricing_attributes qpa          



      --and qlh.name like 'Telia Sverige Standardprislista%'         

      and( qll.END_DATE_ACTIVE is null       or     qll.END_DATE_ACTIVE >sysdate)

      and qll.start_DATE_ACTIVE < sysdate

      and qll.attribute1  not like '-%'           

      and qlh.end_date_active is null           

      and msi.segment1 ='TLF'           

      and msi.INVENTORY_ITEM_ID = qpa.product_attr_value           

      and qpa.list_line_id = qll.list_line_id           

      and  qpa.PRODUCT_ATTRIBUTE_context = 'ITEM'           

      ) tlfasoc          



      select jgzz_fiscal_code,party_name ,ASOC_ID, tlf,       start_date      ,override_price


      (select jgzz_fiscal_code,party_name ,xiri.ASOC_ID,cii.external_reference tlf_ref    , override_price     

      from ar.hz_parties hp, aPps.hz_cust_accounts hca,xxib.xxib_i10_recurring_items xiri, apps.csi_item_instances cii,           

      apps.mtl_system_items msi           

      where  msi.segment1 ='TLF'           

      and hp.person_identifier is null     

      and cii.inventory_item_id=msi.inventory_item_id           

      and cii.active_end_date is null           

      and cii.active_start_date >to_date ('20150630','YYYYMMDD')       

      and hp.party_id= cii.owner_party_id       


      --and override_price is null           

      and xiri.ITEM_INSTANCE_ID=cii.INSTANCE_ID           

      and xiri.CUST_ACCOUNT_ID=hca.CUST_ACCOUNT_ID           

      and xiri.INTVL_START_DATE < sysdate           

      and (xiri.INTVL_END_DATE is null or xiri.INTVL_END_DATE > sysdate)           

      and hca.ACCOUNT_TERMINATION_DATE is null   

      --and rownum <10

      ) tlf_charges           

      inner join            

      (select   tlf,  start_date   



      (select  external_reference tlf, cii.active_start_date   start_date   


      apps.mtl_system_items msi,          

      apps.csi_item_instances cii          


      msi.segment1 = 'TLF ANLÄGGNING'          

      and cii.inventory_item_id= msi.inventory_item_id          

      and cii.attribute6 is null        

      and  cii.active_end_date is  null

      and cii.active_start_date > to_date ('20150630','YYYYMMDD')

      --and rownum <10

      ) anls  

      inner join  

      (select chrgb_num from xxib.XXIB_I10_CHARGEABLE_NUMBER where CH_NUM_END_DATE is null) crg  

      on anls.tlf=crg. chrgb_num  

      ) tlfs          

      on tlfs.tlf =tlf_charges.tlf_ref          


      on tlfasoc.asoc  = nonbundle_tlfs.ASOC_ID;