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    How to Resolve iPayment Credit Cards Communication Error IBY_0001 ?


      Hello All,



      Oracle Database version:

      EBS Version: 12.1.3.


      When we bounce Apache (adoacorectl.sh) on apps tier after that we are facing IBY_0001 communication error in creadit cards transaction. So to avoid this situation every time after bouncing Apache we have to perform dummy transaction testing atlest  3 to 4 times manually. After dummy transaction we are not facing communication error until Apache bounce.


      As per Doc ID 416341.1 we came to know below things.


      <Moderator Edit - deleted contents of  MOS Doc - pl do NOT post such content publicly - it is a violation of your Support agreement>

      So can any body provide solution to avoid this situation. So every time we do not have to perform manually transaction testing after bouncing EBS Apache.