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    How to apply conditional format to a drill down report based on values from parent report?


      I would like to know if it's possible to apply conditional formatting to a drill down report based on a value from the parent report. I will try to explain the scenario as best I can because I haven't been able to find anything online anywhere.


      I have a dashboard used for reconciliations with multiple pages for each accounting source. Each page has the same analysis but with a different filter applied to the appropriate accounting source.

      These analysis have the following fields:

      • Account Number
      • General Ledger balance for that account
      • Sub Ledger balance filtered by source
      • Variance amount if there is a difference between the two balances

      The Variance column has a drill down action link that goes to a variances details analysis which shows the break down of transactions for that account from the General Ledger so users are able to see where the variance is coming from between the General Ledger and Sub Ledger.


      When the user views the Variance Details report, they'd like all rows that have a different source than the original report to be highlighted. For example, if I am looking at the analysis for the source "Accounts Payables", and I navigate to the variance details report for a specific account, then any transactions for that account in the General Ledger that have a source other than "Accounts Payables" should be highlighted.


      I know that I can create individual variance details reports for each source report and apply conditional formatting to all columns where source is different, but if it's possible I'd like to create a single report where the columns are highlighted based on the source value of the Sub-Ledger amount on the parent report.


      My initial thought was to have the parent sub ledger source set to a presentation variable, then in the drill down report apply conditional formatting based on the value of that presentation variable...... I haven't figured out how to do this yet though because I don't want to filter any of the data.


      Is something like this possible or am I better off just creating separate drill down reports for each parent report?


      OBIEE version 11g