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    Query Builder won't work for previously written queries.


      A query constructed a day before and reopened will run with the proper results. I want to edit it in Query Builder, but cannot. QB seems disabled. Only visible are placeolders for the tables, but no fields are visible and no new tables can be added. Other previously written queries do the same, but it will let me use QB to create new queries.

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          More information could be helpful.  For example...

          1. Which version of SQL Developer?  JDK version?  Operating system?

          2. Provide a sample of the SQL contained in the reopened .sql file.  The file extension is .sql, isn't it?

          3. Have you disabled any of the product features under Tools > Features?  Whether yes or no, try hitting the Clear Cache button.

          4. Have you installed any third party extensions?

          5. If running the 4.1.1 version, have you checked which SQL statements get executed via the Log panel's Statements tab?

          6. Have you tried launching SQL Developer from a command line console using bin\sqldeveloper.exe?

              (Perhaps some errors will appear in the console, or even in the regular Logging panel's Messages log or Logging page.)

            The Query Builder feature should be able to parse the SQL to make it editable in the Builder, even if no database connection is active.