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    Steps to migrate HFM applications to




      We are in the process of deciding the best approach for migrating HFM applications into Any recommendations, please?


      Unless this the only way, we are NOT looking into applying the maintenance release to move to from release (as described in the install and configuration document chapter 9 - performing maintenance release installation).


      Because the copy application utility does no longer exist in, the one approach we are strongly considering would be along these lines:


      1) Create a copy of the HFM relational schema (the HYP1 schema in the HYPDEV database).

      2) Create a temporary schema in the database HYPPROD and call it something like HYP1_TEMP.

      3) Populate the temporary HYP1_TEMP schema on HYPPROD database with the copied data from HYPDEV.


      The assumption is that the above 3 steps can help avoid corrupting metadata artifacts as a result of migrating from one environment to the other, making the destination system unusable.


      Next would be the copy. Because the copy application utility doesn't exist on, instead of *Running the HFM copy application utility* do this


      *Use LCM (Life-cycle Management)* to extract artifacts (metadata, rules, security, journals, data) from the temporary HYP1_TEMP schema copied into HYPPROD as the source.

      *Use LCM (Life-cycle Management)* to import to the HYP2 schema in HYPPROD as the destination.


      Looking forward to recommendations.