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    How to restrict user to view or search unassigned items to his Organisation




      Our instance is having one single operating unit but we have multiple inventory and Expense Organisation. items are assigned to specific Organisation.

      Currently as per our iProcument setup we allow main store to with following options:



      Include items from all suppliers (enabled)

      Include items without suppliers( checked)



      Include items from all categories (enabled)

      Include items without shopping categories( checked)


      Assign Content Zone security

      Accessible to all users


      What is the issue:


      For example: We have item 1 Assigned to A and Item 2 assigned to B

      User who is assigned to A can browse or add item 2 but when provide Deliver to location and click on Checkout then system gives error you are not able to requisition this item as item is not assigned to your Org(A).

      Now the issue is; it is creating a frustration to huge user base to go upto Checkout and then let them know that they won't be able to purchase this item.


      Is there any way we can restrict user not to browse or add to cart items are not assigne to their org. We should be able to identify the org by using preference location and org mapping.


      I think one way might be using Personalization if someone did that please share any document if you have and also interested to know if there is any catalog setup we can achieve that.