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    OID-OAM , WNA& isupplier


      Hi ,

      We have the task of implementing SSO on our EBS instance R12.

      We plan to implement WNA wherein OAM will authenticate the users with kereberos ticket and checking in the active directory. So  AD is our source of truth in terms of usernames/password

      and we are syncing this up with our OID .


      Now the trouble is , we isupplier portal implemented which would mean some users would have to be created directly in the EBS , which would then need to be integrated to OID

      and OAM for these users would need to authenticate them by checking their username/password against OID instead of AD.


      1) Is it possible to configure OAM,EBS in such a way that all the non isupplier users are authenticated using WNA.

      2) and All isupplier users are authenticated by their username/password against OID ?

      3) would all the isupplier users created in EBS automatically synced back to OID via DIP and how do you implement it selectively for only i-supplier users .


      Kind Regards,