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    Comparison LastWeek, LastMonth, SameMonthLastYear


      Hi, OBIEE Experts,


      I have this kind of report requirement where in I need to get the percentage of CurrWeek vs PrevWeek (Comparison LW), CurrMonth vs PrevMonth(Comparison LM) and SameMonthLastYear vs CurrentMOnth(Comparison SPLY). How can i do this in my report. Please see image below for your reference.

      Comparison LW = (CurrWeek - PrevWeek) / PrevWeek

      Comparison LM = (MTD - PrevMonth) / PrevMonth

      Comparison SPLY = (MTD - SameMonthLastYear)/SameMonthLastYear

      The report shows Rolling 13 months, what i did is i chopped the whole table into 3 parts, Monthly, Weekly, MTD - Expected EoY Columns.

      I hope you can help me on this. thank you.