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    ORACLE error 1403 in afpodbinit

    V. A. Nagpure

      EBS 12.1.3, Database, RHEL 5.7, 64-bit


      Hi All,


      I am receiving this error message at the apps tier while checking the concurrent manager status:


      [applmgr@dev scripts]$ ./adcmctl.sh status apps/****


      You are running adcmctl.sh version 120.17.12010000.5


      ORACLE error 1403 in afpodbinit


      Cause: afpodbinit failed due to ORA-01403: no data found.


      The SQL statement being executed at the time of the error was:  and was executed from the file &ERRFILE.

      Internal Concurrent Manager status could not be determined.


      adcmctl.sh: exiting with status 0


      I couldn't find anything about this error on the web. What does it mean?