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    getting 'not logged in' after successful sso authentication in obiee11g


      Hi Team,


      We have upgraded OBIEE 10g to 11g(, after upgradation we are getting the below error while logging into analytics dashboards.


      ""You are not currently signed in to the Oracle BI Server.


         If you have already signed in, your connection might have timed out, or a communications or server error may have occurred.


         To sign in again, click here. If the problem persists, please contact the site's administrator."




      1.We have configured Oracle SSO

      2.We have configured authenticationsschemas.xml with the below content


      <SchemaKeyVariable source="httpHeader" nameInSource="Proxy-Remote-User" forceValue="SSO"/>


          <AuthenticationSchema name="SSO" displayName="Single Sign On" userID="IMPERSONATE" proxyUserID="NQ_SESSION.RUNAS" options="noLogoffUI noLogonUI">

          <RequestVariable source="httpHeader" type="auth" nameInSource="Proxy-Remote-User" biVariableName="IMPERSONATE" options="required"/>



      3.Configured SSO from webcache/http server side.

      4.We are not using OID,database authentacion types, instead we are using rpd.